Barn Doors and Laundry Room Remodel


Barn doors, don’t you love them?

I get so many questions about how David and I are going about our remodel. The most asked question recently has been about the barn doors we recently completed so I figured I’d share our process with you and walk through how we went from idea to reality.

A little backstory: We purchased our house almost two years ago. When we bought it, we knew the bones of the house were great but that it would need a lot of work to turn it into a home. The master bedroom and bathroom, the hall bath, and kitchen had been remodeled by the previous owner so the main areas we needed to live in the home were complete. The rest we could create ourselves!

A year into living in our home, we turned our focus to the bonus room:


It’s a large space so it has been a large undertaking and is still very much a work in progress. One of the things lacking in the home was a laundry room. The space containing the washer and dryer was a corner closet so we decided to add a wall to the bonus room to make a laundry room and ended up creating an amazing space. The window makes the room bright and happy to be in... I don’t know about you, but laundry isn’t my favorite thing to do so having a happy, designated laundry room makes doing it a little more enjoyable.

Initially, I was against a traditional sliding, stained barn doors for the laundry room so we went to Pinterest for inspiration. I ended up deciding that I did like the barn door idea but I needed them to be a more glam than farm. I found a few okay options that drew my attention, but I knew that neither of them were exactly what I wanted.

David and I talked it over and decided to blend two options together.

We went to Home Depot to find tracks for barn doors and oh my gosh, they are so expensive! Amazon was way cheaper, hands down. We ordered the ones we liked along with handles and two days later, it was all at our doorstep! The only thing left for me was to pick out the paint color and the rest was in David’s hands.

Our go-to paint brand is Behr. We’ve found it to be better quality. Behr’s a little thicker than others. There’s less flinging of paint and not as many coats for projects. The exact color I picked out is called, “Secluded Woods.” In one of the photos I pulled from Pinterest, the doors were green. I really liked that. Honestly, my house is one big neutral and I try to add colors here and there but not everywhere. I knew the green color would tie together the direction I’ve been taking the design of our home and I LOVE this paint color more and more everyday.

From there, I handed the project over to David and he made my dream doors come to life. I’m super blessed I can give a photo to him and he can build for me whatever I desire for our home. He really is a super star and makes the whole home renovation process a lot easier!

Laundry room and Bonus Room Paint Color - Titanium
Barn Doors Paint Color - Secluded Woods
Floors - Home Depot - Dark Espresso Oak

Finishing touches:

What do you think? Are you considering making your own sliding barn doors?

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