All Natural Hair Color

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "Is there an alternative solution to the harsh chemicals of hair color?" I have some clients who are concerned that the constant application of hair color could be damaging in the long run. Many of my clients have asked me if henna hair color is a good idea, so I did some research to find out the good and the bad. Here's what I found:


1.Henna isn’t like other hair colors. Most hair color processes take up to 1 hour at the most, but henna color takes 3-4 hours for the dye to attach to the hair follicles.


2.The color is rich but there are only a few colors to pick from. Henna is made from natural plant based elements, so most henna colors have a red hue to it; true browns and blacks are very difficult to achieve.


3. Once henna is applied it is permanent. No amount of hair lightener can remove it. You can either wait for the color to grow out or cut your hair.


4.Because of the red hues in the dye, it tends to fade from the original richness it used to have. You can go to the salon and the stylist can use hair dye to cover up the unwanted tones, but you can never lighten the color.


5.When you go to the salon for a color touch up, the hair dye is only applied at the roots to make it all one color again. When henna is reapplied, there's no guarantee that the roots will be the same color, so most people apply henna all over the hair again. When henna is reapplied, it leaves you with darker hair than you originally wanted with a touch up.


6.Unlike regular hair color, you cannot predict the outcome of the color you mix. The color will always be different than the last application, and you will see lines as the hair grows out.


7.Henna can also cause the hair to become more dry. This can easily be solved with deep conditioning treatments at home.


While many people are concerned that hair dye might cause long term damage, there really isn't anything to worry about! More and more companies are developing hair dye that is less harsh on our hair. Wella has a great color line called innosecence that has lower ammonia and avoids scalp sensitivity. I have been using this color on my hair, and, as someone who is sensitive to hair dye, it is a must!