Healthy Enchiladas


I can't lie, Mexican food is my jam. David and I eat Mexican food all the time, so we came up with this awesome enchilada recipe. (Warning: we make ours spicy). 




1 Jalapeño chopped

1 Tomato chopped

1/2 white onion chopped 

1 Package of ground turkey 

1 Can of refried pinto beans 


Olive oil 

Mexican Cheese blend 

2 Cloves of garlic 

8 Habanero lime wraps 

Enchilada Sauce 


1. Heat oven to 350

2. Get a round frying pan, add a dash of olive oil. Allow it to heat up.

3. Add in the garlic, chopped jalapeños, and onions.

4. Add the ground turkey and cook throughly 

5. Add the chopped tomato, stir, and turn on low to simmer 

6. Lay out the tortillas and spread the refried pinto beans, lettuce, and turkey mixture

7. Roll up the enchiladas and place in pan. 

8. Garnish with cheese and place in oven for 10-15 minutes. 

9. Remove from the oven and drizzle enchilada sauce on top 

10. Enjoy!