Our Kitchen Remodel


David and I moved into our first house June of 2016. The house was built in the 80s and it definitely shows. One reason we chose this house was because the kitchen, master bedroom, and master bathroom were completely remodeled...well, completed in the eyes of the previous owner. When we toured the house, I was immediately drawn to the kitchen. With a few changes, the kitchen would be exactly how I had always imagined. 

First, I wanted to replace the lights in the kitchen. Although the previous owner had updated the kitchen, I had a specific look that I wanted to achieve. I added copper lights over the kitchen island that I found on Overstock, and I added a very basic, minimal light fixture over the breakfast nook. 

Secondly, I liked the knobs on the cabinets in the kitchen, but I liked them better for the upstairs bathroom, so I have them saved for a later project. The knobs were silver but I felt they blended into the background. I wanted something to pop a little bit more. The new knobs we chose are from CB2, Crate and Barrel's modern website. I wish I could buy everything from CB2, but their products are a bit pricey. I save up for a few speciality items that I feel I cannot find anywhere else. 

As for the breakfast nook, David made a lot of this happen. I went on Pinterest and found an amazing table and bench, which David built for me. We made a few changes to the table and bench so it would fit the style and size of our kitchen. I love that David has the ability to build and fix items in our house. The crazy thing is after we designed the table, the next magazine I recieved in the mail from Pottery Barn, they had a coffee table with the same leg design. Of course David said " I built it better." 

Changing the lights and the knobs on the cabinets has made a big difference. I learned that you don't have to make a million changes to get the style you want. The kitchen has become my safe haven in our home. I go and sit on the beautiful bench David built and drink my morning coffee and read my morning devotion. I'm so thankful for this space in our home. I can't wait to show you more of the house as we work through it all. 



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