Be Our Guest


Anyone who knows David and I knows that our house is literally a revolving door. I feel like we always have someone calling us saying, "Hey I'll be in town at this time, could I stay with you?" and I absolutely love it.

One of the first renovations I wanted to do in our house was the guest room--I wanted our friends to feel welcomed when they stayed over.

Davids motto for our house is "If we can do it ourselves, then we aren't paying someone to do it." We started by removing the old wallpaper, chair rail, popcorn ceiling and old flooring. Turns out the wallpaper had been painted over twice. I don't know if any of you have ever taken wallpaper down, but it's no easy task and since it's been painted over, it makes it even more difficult.

In the first guest bedroom we chose a "Oops" paint color from Home Depot for three of the walls. It was a 5 gallon bucket of the most perfect white-grey you've ever seen. The best part is that the paint was only $30. Lesson #1: always check the "Oops" paint section. For the fourth wall we painted it in the shade "Very Navy" by Behr. It was the perfect accent color for the room.

Chair rail...why has anyone ever thought this would be a good idea for a bedroom? It makes the usable space even smaller--it had to go. Almost every room in the house had it. Why, why? Not to mention, the whole house had popcorn ceilings. Thankfully it's not very hard to remove, but it's super messy. It's amazing how much better a room can look once the ceiling is painted.

We decided to lay down Pergo flooring for the whole upstair, minus the bonus room. Pergo is such a great alternative to real hardwood flooring, because it's cheaper, more durable, and looks just as good. We picked out "Rustic Espresso Oak" from our local Home Depot.

After many hours of hard work and planning, the room has finally come together. I bought all of the decorating items from Home Goods and Target.

Our room is finally ready for friends and family to stay with us. Who wants to be our guest? 


Before we moved in.  

Before we moved in.  

After we renovated and decorated.  

After we renovated and decorated.