Pinterest Hair


First, let me say that I love Pinterest. It’s amazing and is filled with tons of neat ideas for hair and other topics. However, I always have clients come in the salon and show me a picture from Pinterest saying, "I want my hair to look just like this!" And I'm thinking in my head, you don't have the same head of hair as the person in that picture. There are many different factors that come into play when trying to recreate a specific style.

1. Like I said before, that model has different hair than you.

2. You have to take into consideration the texture of the hair. I have super coarse hair so I could never bring in a picture of Jennifer Aniston’s hair, because her hair has a finer texture than mine. My hair also could never be blonde; it would break off if I tried to dye it blonde. It's just a fact of life.

3. Have realistic views of what one appointment in the salon can give you. I have clients bring in pictures of Khloé Kardashian’s ombré all the time. She has had an ombré style for over two years now. Each time she gets her hair done she gets the ombré placed higher and higher.

4. Photo finish. Pictures that are placed on Pinterest are most likely not taken with an iPhone. Those pictures are taken with professional cameras. The photographer edits the photos and chooses the best lighting and angles to make sure the hairstyle looks perfect. Keep that in mind.

5. Most "hair" pictures on Pinterest have extensions of some form. There is a reason why most of the models’ hair on Pinterest looks so full. Extensions can change the whole look of the hair. Most celebrities have extensions in their hair all the time. Remember there is a lot of work that goes into hair.

6. I have all my clients point out what they like in the photo they bring. Most of the time they like the way the hair in the picture is styled. Some clients come in wanting a lot of layers. They are basically asking for the Lindsay Lohan stringy look. Back to my previous point, it's all extensions. 9 out of 10 times the model/celebrity has long layers and the clients like how the curling iron adds to the style.

7. Face shape. Argumentatively this is the most important when looking at a pcture of a haircut that you desire. Different haircuts go with certain types of face shapes. If a hairdresser says a haircut won't work for you because of your face shape I would trust them. You could have the best haircut in the whole world but if cut doesn't suit your face shape then it's no good for you.  Be thankful that they are taking that into consideration. If they bring it up then it's a sign your sitting in the chair of a well educated hairdresser.

(Fact: There is no such thing as one, two, or three layers. And that's all I'm going to say on the matter.)

I'm not trying to discourage anyone from bringing in pictures to the salon. I want to open everyone's eyes to remember pictures are for inspiration. When you’re thinking of getting a new haircut or style and are looking for ideas, think about what works best for your hair. Everyone’s hair is different so you need to think about how a short haircut, layers, or whatever you want would work for you hair type.

I want every one of my clients to leave with a solid education of their hair and styling. When you leave any hair salon you want to leave with the best version of your hair. My ultimate goal with every client: education and keeping his or her hair in good condition. If I have accomplished that then I consider it a job well done.