2 Simple Holiday Hairstyles


This is the time of year again, the holidays. My favorite time of year. I love getting to spend quality time with my friends and family. I find myself on the end of many texts asking how to do hair for holiday parties. I wish I had the time to go to everyones house and personally help you all with your hair. I thought it was about for me to create a step by step guide for 2 simple styles you can achieve at home. I have created one updo style and one half up half down style. They are so easy and I promise you can do it:) All you need is 2 rubber band, 14 bobbi pins, one clip and a light hair spray. Follow the step by step photos below to learn how to achieve 2 simple holiday hair styles. 

For this updo style you need: 9-10 bobbi pins and 1 elastic band. 

1. Start out with pre curled hair and curl it how ever wish to.

2. Section the hair into two parts. Clip the top part out of the way. We are going to do the bottom part of the hair first. 

3.  When you section the hair into two parts leave some pieces out in the front. This will give the hair a softer more whimsical look later on. 

4. With the bottom section, just take a small elastic and tie the bottom of the hair. 

5. Roll the hair up and bobbi pin the hair and build the foundation for the bun. Make sure to stretch out the hair a little bit as well. This will give you a softer look again. 

6. It's time to let the top hair section down. Either part that down the middle or from your part. Take the section,  twist the hair and the bobbi pin it right about above the bun you just created below. 

7. Do the same thing with the other side and tuck the hair through the previous section. 

8. Take whatever ends you have left, either tuck them into the bun or wrap them then create more shape. Go through and tug on some of the pieces of hair, this gives the bun and other pieces a softer finish.

9. You don't have to do this step but I like to take some of the hair from the front and pin them back to make the sides look fuller. This also creates more texture in the over all look. 

10. Now you're finished, YAYY:) Go over your finished look with a light hairspray if you desire but other than that you're all finsihed with this look. 



For this half up half down style you need: 1 rubber band and 4 bobbi pins

1. Start out with the hair curled. You could do this style with straight hair as well but it looks better with hair with some texture. 

2. Section the hair into two parts. You can leave hair out in the front; this can frame the face, soften your style and give you that cool girl look. Tug a little at the top of the hair, this will give the illusion of more hair. 

3. We all used to do this next move on our pony tails growing up. Take the pony and flip it through the middle and pull it down. It adds more texture to the pony tail and some added flare. 

4. From the back of the ponytail, grab a smal piece of hair and wrap it around the rubber band. Grab a bobbi pin and secure it from the back. 

5. You can be done with this look right here. If you want to add softenness and blend the pulled back hair with the hair that is still hanging down, take some of hair from the front pieces you left out in the beginning, and simply bobbi pin them underneath the pony tail. Tug at them if you like to create some texture and softeness but this isn't necessary.

6. See this one was even more simple. Check out below the finished look on Nicole. 


See they are so easy, I promised! Isn't the model, Nicole, super cute? I picked Nicole to be my model because of her beautiful natural curls. I wanted to show everyone that you don't have to have straight smooth hair. I personally love hair with texture and that's what most girls have anyway and so do I. It took me a long time to learn how to deal with my crazy texure and to make it look good. Now you have a few tricks but don't worry I have many more tips to come. Now can we talk about the clothes? Katie with her store September and Co provided all the clothes for this shoot. I texted Katie a week before the shoot and graciously let me come into her store and pick up whatever I wanted for the shoot. Nicole and I had a blast when we were going through all the clothes from Septmeber and Co. Even though she only wore two outfits in the shoot, September and Co had so many more holiday looks perfect for all your parties. Dan Hacker was our amazing photographer, he was amazing to work with. He was so chill and the perfect photographer to add to the shoot. I'm going to leave everyones websites below so you can check them out too, thet are my friends and I think they are pretty cool. Make sure that you let me know if you try out these styles. Happy Holidays:) 






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