How He and I became a "We"

We met our freshman year of college, went on one "date" our freshman year, and oh lawd that was a trainwreck. My friends and I decided that he was cute, but he was a little ... well, different than us. We all gave him the name "Waste of Good Looks" 😂. ( He still hates it) We remained friends for 3 1/2 years and got to know each another really well during that time. At the beginning of his last semester of school we started dating. When we started dating we knew each other so well that things immediately clicked. Fast forward to the following April to see us walking down the aisle. There will always be ups and downs - no matter what is going on with our lives. I sure am glad I gave that funny boy from my freshman year another shot.

Now we are on our first house together remodeling it with every spare second we have. This house has taught us to communicate on a whole other level. Love you all and especially my WOGL 😘😘