Traditional or Not?


Every year, people ask me what my holiday traditions are, and I'm always hesitant to say. My family's traditions aren't always viewed as normal. We don't sit down and talk about what we've done over the year, and we don't talk about our plans for the coming year. My family is all about games and competition. 

When I got married, I realized our families were very different. His family likes to sit down and talk about future plans and goals, but all I can think is, "I don't know what I want to do tomorrow, how am I supposed to look a year ahead?" My work calendar is always well thought out, but my day to day life? Not so much. I had to realize that both are different ways of tradition, and both can be accepted. 

Thanksgiving is a free for all with games, such as basketball, relay races, Rook etc--all with great food, just like any other family. My family has a huge game night the Saturday before Christmas, and the whole evening is filled with games my uncle has created. On Christmas Eve, we all give presents and go to the bowling center to play games all night long. Again, it's not super traditional but those are our traditions. 

I always hate missing out on the holiday traditions with my family, because that's what a holiday is to me. Anything else just feels wrong. Although the games are fun, I hate being gone on the holidays because of the people I'm surrounded by. Now I can see that it's the people you're with that make the holidays special.